"Create Yourself"


Purpose: The design for this class is the beauty of learning the enhancements for different skin types, skin conditions and effective treatments.


Bodii Café’s spirit is dedicated and driven to the responsibility of educating, recommending, and providing specialized safe and healthy skin care for all ethnicities. With understanding the integumentary system (skin) being the largest organ of the body, it is vital that taking care of it involves better knowledge concerning enhancing its hygienics. Better knowledge shares the platform of grouping the physical, spiritual, and emotional into becoming harmoniously intact with each other. Healthy skin has the ability to protect life on the other side of it. Protection will make it difficult for the unwanted to easily pass through, which can cause havoc on your skin. Healthy skin care is gratifying and is exemplified by its look of radiance! Therefore, Bodii Cafe have created programs that entail a variety of classes to soothe the seeking mind for personalized everyday beauty